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Sixth-graders at John Beck Successfully Complete 'Egg Drop' Test

Sixth-graders at John Beck Successfully Complete 'Egg Drop' Test

This past week the sixth grade students in Mrs. Bernstein’s class at John Beck Elementary created an “egg drop” device as part of a STEM based learning project in their forces and motion science unit.  Putting their knowledge to the test, students had to think about a few components like acceleration, velocity, air resistance, Newton’s Laws of Motion, and gravity to create a device that would survive a variety of drops — ranging from four feet up to twelve feet in height.  

Students tested their devices at each of these heights, and regardless of whether they failed or succeeded they had the opportunity to rebuild after doing additional research.  

Once their new and improved devices were ready to be tested again, the Lititz Fire Company was invited to assist in the next round of drops.  Mr. Mike Michael gathered a group of volunteers to join John Beck Elementary on Monday, June 4th to put their units to the test.  Using one of their fire trucks, Mr. Michael ascended to 25 feet, then 50 feet, and ultimately 75 feet in the air to conduct the “egg drop.”  There were 13 groups of students whose devices succeeded with zero breaks in the eggs! 

crane from a fire truck

John Beck Elementary would like to send a big thank you to Mr. Mike Michael, Mr. Duane Ober, Mr. Mike Smith and the Lititz Fire Company for taking time out of their day to assist in this project.