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Lititz Elementary Sixth Grade Receives ‘Patriotic Youth Award’

Lititz Elementary Sixth Grade Receives ‘Patriotic Youth Award’

This week the sixth grade class at Lititz Elementary received the “Patriotic Youth Award” on behalf of the Lititz Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary.  

Each year for Memorial Day sixth-grade students at Lititz Elementary creates handmade stars with messages to service men and women who frequent both the VFW and the American Legion during the holiday weekend.  Mr. Bob White, a sixth-grade teacher at Lititz Elementary, teaches the grade about the history of Memorial Day, why it’s observed, and the importance of remembering those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country.  

Every student crafts two stars.  They spend time creating messages and decorations during their content class.  The Friday before Memorial Day weekend Mr. White delivers the stars to the local VFW and American Legion.  The VFW then hangs the stars in their facility.  Some of the stars have even been sent to National Guard troops that who are deployed in the Middle East.  

photo of stars project that students created

As stated by the representative from the Lititz VFW, “We let them know that students at Lititz Elementary appreciate them and their service.”  

The Lititz VFW gifted the sixth-grade students this award for their exemplary display of patriotism.