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Senior Award Ceremony for the Class of 2018

Senior Award Ceremony for the Class of 2018

On Wednesday, May 30th Warwick High School held their annual senior awards ceremony for the class of 2018.  The auditorium was filled with senior award winners, their families, friends and Warwick teachers and administrators.  

Each year organizations from around the community select students to receive various awards and scholarships.  Wednesday night did not disappoint as there were over 50 awards and merits presented.  

Warwick senior students spent many dedicated hours applying for an array of scholarships applying alone was no easy task.  Lauryn Ober took home six different awards with Annie Rakos bringing home four. Morgan Berk, Talia Bertrando, Madison Felpel, Montana Lutz, Eric Matt, Clayton Mohler and Bryan Rottkamp received three awards each. The following students received at least two awards: Lillian Durbin, Lauren Herr, Isaac Rissinger, Kendall Rothfus and Johnathan Stephenson.  

“I’m incredibly proud of all our senior award winners.  We know how much effort they’ve put into being successful here at Warwick,” stated Mrs. Szobocsan, principal at the Warwick High School.  

Congratulations to all of the senior award winners for their dedication and hard work.  Best of luck in all your future endeavors.