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Kissel Hill Teacher Gets Slimed as Part of School Fundraiser

Kissel Hill Teacher Gets Slimed as Part of School Fundraiser

Kissel Hill Elementary recently held a fundraiser for their student council.  Teachers also volunteered and half of the funds collected went to a charity of their choice.  A bucket with the teacher’s name and photo was placed in the front lobby of the elementary school.  Students contributed cash or coins into the bucket of their choice throughout the past month.  The three teachers who had the most money in their bucket then split the portion of the earnings to go to the charity of their choice.  

Don’t worry though, there was plenty of incentive for the Kissel Hill students to get involved with this fundraiser.  The teachers that volunteered actually had "consequences."  They had to spin the “Wheel-O-Fun” also known as the “Wheel of Consequences.”  The wheel included the following outcomes, a pie in the face, gift wrapped, roof detention, slimed, or student choice, where the students could pick one of the previous options.  

Needless to say, the students at Kissel Hill really wanted to see their teachers suffer “consequences.”  They raised a total amount of $506.20.  Each charity received a $120 donation with the remaining amount going to the student council fund. Mrs. Holton decided to give her portion to the Wounded Warrior Project, Mrs. Mansey to the ALS Foundation and Mrs. Bernstein donated to the Alzheimer's Foundation.  

kissel hill students leaving school.

When all was said and done Kissel Hill students got to see their teachers serve roof detention after school and get completely slimed.  

elementary teacher getting slimed

"Our Student Council representatives have done an outstanding job organizing community service projects this year. Their energy and commitment to serving others has been contagious in our building! I continue to be impressed by the generosity of our students and staff at Kissel Hill," stated Mr. Maza, organizer of the event.