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Fifth-grade Students Participate in Annual Watershed Day

Fifth-grade Students Participate in Annual Watershed Day

Each year in May, the entire fifth grade across the Warwick School District participates in Watershed Day, an event organized by the Lititz Run Watershed Alliance. Students visit three different sites within the Warwick Township to learn more about their watershed. They visit the Millport Conservancy, Riparian Park and Saylor Park (previously Linear Park).  

Students get the opportunity to participate in educational sessions including stream chemistry, tree planting, bugs, recycling, wetland animals, water conservation and much more.  

The presenters for each category are all volunteers and come from various companies across Lancaster County.  Some of the presenters include Hershey Zoo America, Lancaster County Conservation District, Lancaster County Solid Waste Authority, Pennsylvania Game Commission, Donegal Trout Unlimited, Lititz Sewer Authority, Lititz Sportsmen’s Association, the Warwick School District and Tyson Foods.  

“The goal of Watershed Day is to educate the students on their local watershed and how everything they do affects their watershed,” explained Jeni Martzall, event organizer, and Warwick Township representative.  “The hope is that the students then use this information throughout their lives.” 

This event is highly anticipated by fifth graders across the district every year. Thank you to all the volunteers and presenters.