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6th Graders at Lititz Elementary Get Surprise Visit from Meteorologist

6th Graders at Lititz Elementary Get Surprise Visit from Meteorologist

On Thursday, April 26th the sixth graders at Lititz Elementary got a surprise visit from local meteorologist Christine Ferreria.  She was immediately recognized as soon as she walked in the door to Mr. Bob White’s classroom.  Some of the students even gasped out loud because they had just seen her on TV that very morning! 

Christine was visiting the entire sixth grade to speak to them about weather-related topics as well as her job as a meteorologist at WGAL right here in Lancaster County.  She did a demonstration for the students on air pressure, bringing in her own experiment and testing it right there in the classroom.  Christine explained a little bit on what got her into meteorology.  She stated she has always loved the snow and various things about the weather.  She studied at Millersville University and later went on to work at a TV station in Texas, eventually ending up at WGAL. 

science demonstration for students at elementary school.

woman showing a science demonstration.

As part of her presentation, she showed students satellite images, explaining low-pressure systems, surface observations, and how she uses temperature, wind speed and pressure to assist in predicting a weather forecast.  Students were surprised to find out that she gets up at 12:15 a.m. for work, to then be on the air by 4:30 a.m.  Christine doesn’t just give weather updates on TV, she explained how much prep work goes into weather forecasting every day.  

“Telling you the weather on TV is the easy part of my job,” stated Ferreria.  She talked about the three important parts of being a broadcast meteorologist.  “You’re a forecaster, graphic artist and a storyteller.  We need to deliver a forecast that helps people to plan their day.  They need to know the weather in order to dress.”  

Two girls give a presentation.

Christine then asked for some student volunteers to come up in front of the whole grade and present their version of a weather report.  Julia Kofroth, Zoey Murtha, and Andrew McClune all volunteered to give it a shot. 

speaker and student give a presentation.

speaker and male student give a presentation to class.

Needless to say, all the students learned something new about meteorology. Who knows, maybe Christine even inspired a few to be a meteorologist someday.