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Warwick Middle School Holds First 'World Language Olympic Day'

Warwick Middle School Holds First 'World Language Olympic Day'

World Language teacher at the Warwick Middle School, Renee Campeau had a new idea she wanted to bring to the forefront “World Language Olympic Day.” She created this concept because of a french man by the name, Baron Pierre de Coubertin.  He’s the one responsible for initiating the modern Olympics.  If you’ve ever watched the Olympics, which we’re sure a large majority has, the first language spoken, no matter where the ceremony is held, is always French. This acts as a tribute to the, “Father of the modern Olympics,” Pierre de Coubertin.  In Ms. Campeau’s French class she discussed the place of the French language in regards to the Olympic Games.  Hence the “World Language Olympic Day” was formed.  

Once Ms. Campeau shared the idea, the students took the concept and went full force, developing it within 10 minutes.  They suggested inviting the other language classes so that it could be more competitive.  Mrs. Wendy Andrews also assisted with putting the event together.  Students got so involved they decided to wear the colors of their assigned “country.” They even made a flag of the nation they represented.  To start off the games, there was a parade of athletes where the students walked to the official Olympic anthem.  The Olympic events were language related, like performing karaoke in French and German. Some of the challenges were on various cultures.  They also created a grammatical egg hunt, where students were tasked with putting sentences together in their own target languages like German or French.  

The games closed out with a medal ceremony for each event.  This was a fun, interactive and different approach for students to learn about the historical importance of France in the modern Olympics.  They broaden their horizons by learning songs in another language, practicing grammar and studying about a culture different than their own.