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Winners Announced for the 20th Annual Warwick High School Science Fair

Winners Announced for the 20th Annual Warwick High School Science Fair

This year was the 20th annual science fair held at Warwick High School.  There were 35 contestants total, ranging from grades 9 - 12.  Students set up their projects and were judged on Thursday, March 8th.  

Judges were made up by a group of locals who are considered professional in these specific fields of science.  

The Grand Champion of the fair was Akash Banerjee with his project titled, “Using natural biocompatible polymer additives to improve magnetic targeted drug delivery.”  The Champion award went to Amanda Beck, “Can you hurt me now?: The effect of electromagnetic frequency on the development of butterflies.”  The Reserve Champion award went to Alexis Kellogg for her project on, “The effect of bacteria and the biodegradation of polymers.”  

Warwick’s top three finishers and honorable mentions in each category are listed below: 

Animal & Plant Sciences: 

  • 1st place: Isabella Velez, “Algae, Fueling the Future?: The effects of varying acid pretreatment concentrations to microalgae ethanol yield”
  • 2nd place: Allyson Wetherhold 
  • 3rd place: Mason Caleca
    warwick science students pose for photo.

Astronomy, Earth Science, and Environmental Science: 

  • 1st place: Leeann Runkle, “Chromium Conundrum: The effect of pH and temperature on Aspergillus flavus coated nanosilica at removing Chromium VI from water”
  • 2nd place: Corbin Snavely
  • 3rd place: Makenna Hartz
  • Honorable mention: Jeremy Bell & Cole Penkunas
    Students from the astronomy category in the science fair pose for photo.

Chemistry (Inorganic & Organic): 

  • 1st place: Michelle Gibble, “The effect of bis(1-pyrenyl)azine on the detection of mercury and copper ions”
  • 2nd place: Sarah Esterby 
  • 3rd place: Rylee Diffenderfer 
    Three girls from Warwick High School from the science fair.

Engineering & Physics: 

  • 1st place: Ryan Horner, “Effect of wind turbine blade design on efficiency” 
  • 2nd place: Lucy Shettel 
  • 3rd place: Nick Taylor 
  • Honorable mention: Marcus Wachira
    engineering students pose for photo at science fair awards.

Material Science: 

  • 1st place: Matthew Waltz, “The effect of insulating materials on the temperature of a heated object: A hot topic” 
  • 2nd place: Sean Badessa 
  • 3rd place: Brody Price
  • Honorable mention: Willow Forney & Zoe Stauffer 
    Material science fair winners pose for photo.


  • 1st place: Faythe Miller, “Bioform prevention on cochlear implants using titanium”
  • 2nd place: Jonathan Bergh
  • 3rd place: Johanna Martin
  • Honorable mention: Charles Wickenheiser
    microbiology winners pose for photo

The science department would also like to extend the first ever “Student High School Science Fair Coordinator Award” to Llana Clauss.  Llana spent a significant amount of time coordinating organizing the science fair event.
 Warwick student poses for a photo.

Congratulations to all of our students involved.