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High School Holds 8th Grade Elective Fair

High School Holds 8th Grade Elective Fair

Sometimes making the transition from the middle school to the high school can seem like a really scary thing.  A new building, more classes to choose from, students from various grade levels all in place, it can be a adjustment.  Thankfully, the 8th grade students at Warwick got to participate in the “8th Grade Elective Fair” on Tuesday, February 7th.  

The entire Warwick 8th class made a trip to the high school where Mrs. Szobocsan, the high school principal welcomed them and explained the purpose of their visit.  Mrs. Szobocsan spoke about the new credits that this incoming class would now need, different courses that are offered, and various clubs that are available to them at the high school.  Warwick High School takes the lead in offering the most clubs than any other school in the county, with 50 different ones.  She discussed the importance of academics, how involvement in other activities and clubs can lead to being successful in and outside the classroom.  

The 8th graders then broke out into small groups to have a question and answer session with current Warwick Link Leaders. The Link Crew is made up of current high school juniors and seniors that work with the transition program.  They are mentors for the incoming freshmen class. They spoke about the requirements of certain electives and what it takes to be successful in them, classes they liked and what worked for them.  The Link Leaders gave a high-level overview of all the classes and electives that will be offered to the incoming freshmen at the high school. This was a great way for them to get a first-hand look at all the options that will now be accessible to them.  After the question and answer session, the Link Leaders took the 8th graders on a tour of the high school to get them familiar with their new building for next year.  

warwick high school students pose for photo.

“This is the second year of the 8th Grade Elective Fair.   All of the students will course select at the end of the month, and in the past we’ve found they’ve been course selecting blindly.  These students have been selecting classes they haven’t heard about.  The primary goal of the elective fair is to help students make informed decisions about their schedule.” said Mrs. Szobocsan, Warwick High School principal.  

This event is great for the incoming freshmen class to give them some direction and help them feel more prepared when selecting their schedules for next year.