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Dart Foundation Presents Check to Warwick Science Department

Dart Foundation Presents Check to Warwick Science Department

On Thursday, January 18th the Dart Foundation presented a check to the Warwick School District for a total of $5,000.  The money will go towards purchasing new equipment for the science department at the high school.  

Students got to share with the Dart Foundation how this new equipment would help with their upcoming science projects.  

Some of the equipment that will be purchased includes a Vernier UV-VIS Spectrophotometer used for measuring the absorbance spectra of various chemical and biochemical compounds.  An anemometer, which measures wind speed, and a Vernier Energy Sensor. A Polarimeter will be bought, which is a scientific instrument used to measure the angle of rotation caused by passing polarized light through an optically active substance and lastly, a Pyranometer which is used for measuring solar irradiance.  

The department will also be purchasing a plasma cutter for the metals lab that will be available to agricultural science and technology education students.  

Warwick would like to thank the Dart Foundation for presenting this check, it will certainly be put to good use.  Congrats to all!