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Warwick Hosts Kindergarten EXPO Event

Warwick Hosts Kindergarten EXPO Event

The Warwick School District held a Kindergarten EXPO for parents of incoming 2018 - 2019 kindergarten students on January 9th, 2018.  

There were some general presentations given throughout the evening.  The presentations were around the individual programs and services that are offered through all-day kindergarten.  It also touched on topics like bus orientation, what a typical kindergarten day is like, enrollment and Parent Teacher Organizations.  

If parents missed the EXPO, an enrollment packet should be picked up at the Warwick District Office or the student’s assigned school after 1/19/18.

For further information please contact Mrs. Jill Kramer at jkramer@warwicksd.org or call 626-3734 x3709.  

Parents and guardians can also take a moment to submit an “Intent to Enroll in Kindergarten” form for Warwick’s records.  

Frequently Asked Questions about the EXPO and Warwick Kindergarten: 

What is Warwick’s age cut off for Kindergarten?

Children who will have attained the age of five (5) years on or before September 15, may be admitted to kindergarten at the beginning of that school year.  Warwick does not offer an early admittance option for those students who do not meet this age requirement.

What is the EXPO?
The Kindergarten EXPO is designed for parents and guardians of incoming Kindergarteners. We plan to highlight the process of transitioning to Kindergarten, from enrollment to the first day of school. This program has replaced what was previously known as Parent Orientation. The EXPO also offers a time for local Early Childcare Providers to highlight their individual programs and services. Parents will be encouraged to visit the tables and speak to their representatives outside of the auditorium in a relaxed atmosphere following the formal program.

Can I bring children to the EXPO?
Children are welcome; however, the evening is designed for parents to gather information. Parents know best if their children can sit quietly for the 45-minute presentation.

What if I can’t attend the EXPO?
One option is to send a relative or friend in your place. Otherwise, we ask that you pick up a registration packet at your child’s assigned school or the District Office AFTER January 19, 2018.

What if I’m not sure if I’m going to send my child to Warwick Kindergarten in September 2018?
It is best to go through the process of enrollment, even if you change your mind in the end. That way, you won’t miss the activities that could potentially help you make your decision.

English is my second language. Would I be able to receive translation services to assist me with the enrollment of my child?

Absolutely! Please call Jill Kramer to make those arrangements at 626-3734 x3709.

What if I can’t find my child’s birth certificate?

If your child was born in Pennsylvania, birth certificates can be ordered through the PA Department of Health, Vital Records. Their phone number is 1-844-228-3516, and their website is www.health.pa.gov

What if I don’t know what school my child would attend?

Call the Enrollment Office at 626-3734 x3709 or visit www.warwicksd.org and click on For Parents. You will find the list of streets by attendance area in the right column under the Warwick School District heading. Identify the school that corresponds to your street address.

Does Warwick have ½ day or full day Kindergarten?

Warwick School District offers a full-day kindergarten program for all students from 8 am – 2:30 pm.  Students are assigned to balanced classrooms after the kindergarten assessment data is compiled in May.  Students whose parents express an interest in a half-day, morning-only kindergarten session will indicate that interest at assessments by completing an “opt out” form. If you opt-out of the full-day session, the parent or childcare provider must provide transportation at the pickup time of 10:55 am.  

What if I have other specific concerns about sending my child to Kindergarten?

Feel free to call Jill Kramer in our enrollment office at 626-3734 x3709.  

Access the information from the EXPO.