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District Comes Together to Raise Money for Hurricane Victims

District Comes Together to Raise Money for Hurricane Victims

The Warwick School District has been raising money and awareness for the victims of the recent hurricanes.  Each school has placed a receptacle, or two, to collect money for “Adopt a Classroom” efforts in the hurricane-stricken areas.  The schools competed against one another for the “Bragging Baton,” which will proudly be displayed in the front office of the winning school.  

After many weeks of raising money, the final results are in.  

In first place was Warwick Middle School with a grand total of $1,270.60. Runner-up was John Beck Elementary with $988.07.  Not too far behind, was Lititz Elementary with $859.00.  Warwick High School came in fourth place with a total of $383.07.  Bonfield Elementary was next with $187.14, and Kissel Hill finished with $13.79.  The Student Council then contributed an extra $4,450 from dance ticket sales. Across the district, the total raised for “Adopt a Classroom” was an astonishing $8,151.07!  

“We decided that we wanted to help specifically a classroom or school district that was in need by raising the money and sending actual funds to them.  We hope that we can video chat with the classrooms and see how they are doing”, said Kristin Testerman, Assistant Principal at Warwick High School.   


Warwick School District is proud to offer support to kids and classrooms that were affected by these natural disasters.  The money donated will help students and teachers get back into their classrooms which is vital to giving the community a sense of normalcy after this major devastation.  

For information about “Adopt a Classroom” please visit: https://www.adoptaclassroom.org/hurricane-relief-efforts/