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Warwick High School Students Visit Clair Global

Warwick High School Students Visit Clair Global

On Thursday, November 30th, 51 Warwick High School Students got to take a tour of Clair Global in Lititz.  Sophomore, junior and senior high school students that were interested in computer science careers were able take the afternoon and explore the audio and production giant. The tour was given by the company’s own, Shaun Clair.  

The goal of the trip was to introduce students to authentic real-world jobs that involve aspects of computer science.  The tour was meant to spark interest in computer science, coding and programming internships out there in hopes of showing students the different career paths they could take.  

The students that attended were either in Structured Programming I or AP Computer Science A classes at Warwick High School. Both of these courses teach the programming language called Java.  Each course takes a different spin on the language.  The Structured Programming class focuses on teaching students how to write programs that respond to user input.  The AP Computer Science class emphasizes computational thinking and fluency, it is meant to be the equivalent of a first-semester course in Computer Science at a college or university.  

“The trip was a great success.  After I debriefed our trip the next day in class, I only heard wonderful things about what we learned and experienced on the tour. I am very thankful that Clair Global gave my students an incredible opportunity to learn and see some authentic computer science concepts in action.” said Jeffrey Wile, the Computer Science teacher at Warwick High School.  

Warwick has an internship program with Clair Global where senior students are selected for various positions in the company to gain first-hand working experience.  

Clair Global is a world renowned sound reinforcement and live touring production company that services tours, broadcasting, corporate and festival events.  They are one of the primary developers of Rock Lititz, a campus shared with other large production companies in the live event industry.