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Beck 2nd Grade Fall Team Building Day

Beck 2nd Grade Fall Team Building Day

On Friday, October 27, Mrs. Kernion, Mrs. Rubin and Mrs. Vealey held a fall team-building day for their second graders.  Students had to work together with their classmates to complete tasks that involved fall items, such as pumpkins and apples.  Some of the activities included were:


-      Pumpkin and Broom Relay - sweeping pumpkins with a broom across a path


-      Pumpkin Drop - where the kids tried to dump mini pumpkins from one bucket to another by each holding onto the bucket with 12 long strings. 


-      Don't Drop the Pumpkin - walking together in a line, holding an orange balloon between each body-but NOT holding it with hands. 


-      Runaway Pumpkin/Apple - rolling apples or small pumpkins on a tarp with holes, not allowing them to fall through the holes. 


The event ended with a friendly competition between the three classrooms.  The students transferred pumpkins from one end of the field to the other by tossing them to each other down the line.


Students learned that it is important to work together to accomplish big things, and learned to encourage each other and work well.  


We had a great turnout of parents who donated their time and/or resources to help make our day one to remember.  Without their help, our day would not have been successful.   Parental involvement is very important to us.  We are so lucky to have them! 


It was the perfect fall day!