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Kindergarten Bus Orientation

Kindergarten Bus Orientation

Warwick Kindergartners and their parents from across the district are receiving school bus safety training and orientation prior to the start of school. Each elementary school principal and the district's transportation director are meeting with parents and the new Kindergartners to provide information about bus safety and answer questions.

During Kindergarten Bus Orientation, students are all given the opportunity to practice bus safety rules as they board a "real" school bus (some for the first time) and take a short practice ride. As part of the "practice ride" they will stop and exit the bus and learn how to traverse "around" the bus arm when they board or exit the bus. The principals will also make sure students know they should only board the bus when the arm is extended, the red lights are flashing, and the stop sign is activated, among many other safety tips.



The first day of school for Kindergartners is Thursday, September 7, 2017.