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Beck Career Day

Beck Career Day

John Beck Elementary School hosted a school-wide “Career Day” on April 12, 2017 as an opportunity for students to learn from experts in their fields about a wide variety of occupations. Presenters shared their expertise with the students and explained their occupation, related jobs, the training required, and what they do on a daily basis.  The presenters also talked about how doing their homework and studying while they were in school helped them in their careers. Students were able to ask questions and see first-hand some of the equipment used in the various occupations.

It is hoped that the presentations may serve to spark an interest in future career paths/decisions.

Thanks to the following presenters for sharing their experiences with John Beck students:
Ms. Erin Corvala, Science Explorers; Mrs. Abby Dodds, Radiologic Technologist; Mr. Scott Martin, Policeman; Mr. Rettew, Landscaping; Mr. Balmer, Farming; Mrs. Erica Johnson, Lititz Rec-Fitness Instructor; Dr. Ben Stiles, CTC Counselor; Ms. Karen Payonk, Youth Services Librarian;nDr. Bob Banerjee, Marketing; Mr. Guy Boyer, Non-Profit Outreach Wroker; Mr. Brandon Engle, United Way Volunteer Coordinator; Ms. Christy Della Rova, Court Room Reporter; Mr. Mike Winters, Detective; Ms. Christy Kuchak and Mr. John Shoff, Members 1st Branch Manager; and Brendon Leslie, reporter and Brett Summers, videographer Ch. 11 Blue Ridge Cable TV.