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LE Springing into Spring

LE Springing into Spring

Lititz Elementary is “Springing” into the Fourth Marking Period

The students and staff at Lititz Elementary School are focusing on brightening spirits, building positive thoughts/mindsets, encouraging students in all that they do, and building camaraderie and teamwork! 

Here are several activities planned to help students “Spring” into the fourth marking period:
  • Music - Starting on March 29, and additional random mornings throughout the spring, LE will be playing music outside and inside the school to welcome students and get them entering school with pep in their step!
  • Sidewalk Chalk – On March 29, teachers met after school to write positive messages for the students at the entrances to the building. On the morning of March 30 the students were greeted by sidewalk walk art and positive thoughts.
  • PSSA Buddies – PSSA tested grades are paired with non-tested grades. The younger students share positive thoughts and small gifts of encouragement with the older students.
  • Principal's 200 Club - The Principal's 200 Club, that rewards positive behavior, will be back starting April 10.
  • Mini-motivational Messages – Through out the months of April and May the teachers will be randomly sharing positive messages with their students.

There will be several other additional events and activities planned throughout the fourth marking period.