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WHS Students Place First in Fair

WHS Students Place First in Fair

Twenty-six Warwick High School science students received awards at the 2017 North Museum Science & Engineering Fair held March 22 at The Nook in Manheim.

Those honored were:
• Animal Sciences - First Place: Bethany Cox; Second Place: Emily Colvin; Third Place: Gage St. Pierre.
• Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology - Third Place: Sage Barnhart.
• Biomedical and Health Sciences - Second Place: Tabitha Delmont; Third Place: Jensen Hodecker; Honorable Mention #1: Makenna Nicarry; Honorable Mention #2: Elizabeth Valudes.
• Chemistry and Materials Sciences - First Place: Hailey Miller; Second Place: Mathilda Zartman; Third Place: Heather Mitchell; Honorable Mention #1: Jocelyn Brechbill; Honorable Mention #5: Katie Himmelberger.
• Earth and Environmental Sciences - Second Place: Oliver Lance; Honorable Mention #2: Caitlyn Grodzicki.
• Energy, Chemical - First Place: Anthony Rago.
• Environmental and Mechanical Engineering - Third Place: Jason Ciampaglia; Honorable Mention #1: Caitlyn Wagner; Honorable Mention #2: Max Olree.
• Microbiology - First Place: Brynne McNelis; Second Place: Pietro Elliott; Third Place: Evan Troop; Honorable Mention #1: Valerie Hanna; Honorable Mention #2: Asher Christner.
• Physics and Astronomy - First Place: Kenton Hertzog; Second Place: Alaina Fry.

Five WHS students received first place recognition in the 2017 North Museum Science & Engineering Fair: Kenton Hertzog, Bethany Cox, Hailey Miller, Brynne McNelis, and Anthony Rago.