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WHS 2017 Science Fair Awards

WHS 2017 Science Fair Awards

2017 Warwick High School Science Fair Winners

The 2017 Warwick High School Science Fair was held on Thursday, March 9 in the school’s small gymnasium with more than 80 student participating in 10 different science categories, including: biochemistry, botany, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, earth and environmental science, engineering, health & medicine, microbiology, physics, and zoology. 

The fair is held annually and gives science students the opportunity to present and explain their individual projects and research to staff and students, their families, and the community. Students use cardboard tabletop displays containing drawings, photos, charts, graphs, and research information to showcase their projects. The unique displays are lined up in rows that stretch from one end of the high school small gym to the other by their scientific category. Students dress professionally; explain their project research and outcome, and answer questions posed to them by members of the local science community and various district staff members who serve as judges.

Although the competition is open to all students, the science fair projects are a requirement for Warwick High School's Advanced Chemistry classes, taught by Mrs. Laurie Hess. 
These student projects are the culmination of many months of data gathering, lab work, charting, research, and reporting. Most students are either juniors or sophomores.

Displays were open in the evening to the general public for viewing on March 9, 2017.

Science fair participants and winners were honored with certificates and monetary awards for their efforts on Friday, March 10 in the high school auditorium.

Results of the 2017 Fair:

Overall Science Fair Winners:

  • Grand Champion – Justin Jolin

  • Champion – Mathilda Zartman

  • Reserve Champion – Brynne McNelis

Division Award Winners:

  • Biochemistry – Abbi Knouse

  • Botany – Julia Forsythe
  • Inorganic Chemistry – Katie Himmelberger
Organic Chemistry – Heather Mitchell

  • Earth and Environmental Science – Caitlyn Wagner

  • Engineering/Material Science – Nathaniel Castellitto

  • Health & Medicine - Tabitha Delmont

  • Microbiology – Kendall Rothfus

  • Physics – Shaun Stafford

  • Zoology – Kirsten Espenshade