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Science Day at Kissel Hill

Science Day at Kissel Hill

Solar Sarah from Science Explorers visited students at Kissel Hill Elementary School on Science Day, February 13, during a morning all-school assembly held in the gym to help “spark” students’ interest in science. The program was co-sponsored by the Ephrata National Bank and the S.P.A.R.K.S. Foundation.

Solar Sarah presented several “science” tools, including a magnifying glass, microscope, telescope, and an anemometer, among others. Student volunteers assisted her with some fun visual aids and experiments during the presentation. Students were first shown large posters of magnified objects and guessed their identity: including a fly’s eye, a butterfly wing, sand, and the tip of a tongue. 

Student volunteers helped Solar Sarah captivate the audience with several chemical reactions, including one that froze a beaker to a board, one that changed color and “grew”, and one that produced a small puff of flame to show “combustion”. 

After the assembly was over, Solar Sarah visited with the fourth graders for the remainder of the day to share more hand-on activities and fun science information.