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School Psychologist Services

School Psychologists Services
School psychologists have a Master's degree in school psychology and are certified by the State of Pennsylvania. Their specialized training relates to student social, emotional, and academic development. Upon referral from elementary Core Teams that include learning facilitators, school counselors, building principals or parents, school psychologists participate as members of the evaluation team providing specific assessment or review of data collected of students who have ongoing learning or behavioral concerns. In addition, psychologists may consult with staff and parents to assist with educational issues of all students.

Five school psychologists are available for the assessment of students, that may include both formal and informal testing. Additionally, the psychologists are available for consultation with the referring teacher, school counselor, learning facilitators and/or principal. After consultation with the psychologist, teachers are provided with recommendations and suggestions for the classroom.  All services provided by School Psychologists are free of charge to parents with students in the district.

At the secondary level, teachers should alert the student's school counselor about concerns related to classroom performance.  The counselor will review the student's records and consult with the psychologist.  If necessary, a referral for an educational evaluation will be made.

At the elementary level, when a student is suspected of having learning or behavioral difficulties, teachers should make a referral to the building Core Team. This referral can be made by completing the outlined building procedure for referral submission.   If the intervention process has not yielded desired educational progress, then a referral may be made for a formal educational evaluation. This is typically the joint decision of the educational team.  

If a child is suspected of having learning difficulties that require special education services, referrals to the special education program must follow these guidelines:

  • The appropriate learning facilitator, school psychologist or secondary counselor will prepare the "Permission to Evaluate Form" and meet with parents to discuss the proposed evaluation. When asking for this permission, the learning facilitator, school psychologist or counselor will provide parents with a copy of their Procedural Safeguards which outlines their rights as a parent in regard to the evaluation process and special education in general.
  • When meeting with parents, the learning facilitator, school psychologist or counselor will provide them with a Parent Input Form that allows them to share student information pertinent to the evaluation.  
  • After the evaluation has been completed, the school psychologist will schedule an evaluation team meeting to include parents and appropriate stakeholders.  
  • At the Evaluation Team meeting, the psychologist will review the testing results and make recommendations as to whether a child has met the criteria to be identified as having one of the disabilities outlined in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, or IDEA. The team will decide together if the student is in need of special education services as a result of any disability that has been identified. 

Parents should contact their building learning facilitator, school psychologist, or counselor if they have questions or would like additional information regarding the special education evaluation process. 

To contact one of our school psychologists, please call:    
Student Services – 717-626-3734, x3733

Warwick School District School Psychologists:

Mrs. Sharon Conlin
Ms. Megan Demianovich
Mrs. Lori Earle
Mrs. Amy Kopp
Ms. Christina Moore
Ms. Mallory Carcia