Warwick School District

School Based Counseling Services

School Based Counseling Services

Warwick School District partners with multiple agencies to provided school-based counseling.  Students have access to services at each school building. Supports are for students who are already receiving counseling by school personnel and may also benefit and qualify (by insurance) for additional outside counseling. 

This counseling is provided during their school day because the school team has determined that the student missing academic instruction is necessary in order to meet their mental health needs. The school is removing the barrier of the student getting to and/or from the counseling offices by offering the opportunity at school. Students must be recommended by the school team, continue to be seen by school personnel, and qualify through their insurance for services in order to be part of the school-based counseling services.

If your private insurance is not accepted by our partnering agencies, parents can choose to pay out of pocket for counseling.  Warwick School District is not responsible for payment of this counseling.

For more information regarding school-based counseling services, please see your building principal or contact Dr. Melanie Calender, Assistant Superintendent at 717-626-3734.