Warwick Middle School

Parent Portal

Dear Parents/Guardian(s),


The Warwick Middle School will continue to use a web-based program for parents. This Parent Portal site is in addition to our current Web Grades site. The Parent Portal site allows you to keep track of multiple student accounts with one login. You may also select to receive email alerts. This portal will email you directly if your son/daughter has a missing, incomplete, or absent assignment. Email alerts may be setup when a student’s average falls below a certain percentage. The benefit of the Parent Portal is that emails can be sent directly to you without having to log onto Web Grades. Email notifications will be sent out on Tuesdays and Thursday nights keeping you informed of your son/daughters progress.

Directions to set up your Parent Portal Account are available at this link:

Just as a reminder:

The Web Grades address is https://www.warwicksd.org/students

The Parent Portal address ishttps://www.warwicksd.org/parents

I urge you to continue using the Warwick Web Grade site to monitor your child’s progress, and I hope that you will also take advantage of the Parent Portal Program.


Steve Szobocsan