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For Parents:

J R Bonfield Elementary
  Attendance Manual, 2017-2018
  Birthday Treats - No frills order form
  Birthday Treats Order Form
  Bonfield Pick-up & Drop-off Directions
  Carta del Derecho a Saber de John R. Bonfield Elementary
  Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
  Copy Center Request
  Difficulty in School
  Educational Trip Request Form
  Family Involvement Plan
  Formulario de Pedido para Viaje Educativo – Pedido para Pre-aprobación
  Grading & Assessment Guidelines
  Guidelines for Use of Food in Schools
  JRB Does Not Bully!
  Las Herramientas de Comunicación 2016-2017
  Lunch Menu - February
  Mission Statement
  Pacto de Padre y Escuela por Escrito
  Parent Portal Instructions
  Parent Resource
  Parent Right-to-Know Letter
  Parent Student Handbook 2017-18
  Parents make the difference! Newsletter – Feb-2018
  PTO Website
  Redefining Career Success
  Resilience Resource- For Parents and Community Members
  Spirit Days 2017-2018
  Student Excuse Card
  Title I Parent Resource Center
  Title I Parent Resource Center Order Form
  Title I Parental Involvement Plan
  Warwick Communication Tools
  Warwick Released Time Information Letter
  Warwick Released Time Registration
  Welcome Back Newsletter

John Beck Elementary
  Attendance Manual2017
  December 4th PTO Meeting Cancelled
  Educational Trip Request Form
  Extended Learning Lab Podcast for Parents
  Giant A+ Rewards Program
  Grading and Assessment Overview for Parents
  Homework Guidelines
  Is Your Child Having Difficulty in School: A Guide to Communicating with School Staff
  John Beck PTO website
  John Beck Twitter
  Parent Resource ( Media and Technology)
  Parent/Guardian SAP Brochure 17-18
  Parent/Student Handbook 2017/2018
  Parents Make the Difference February 2018
  Redefining Career Success
  Resilience Resource- For Parents.
  RTII Brochure
  Volunteer Process - FBI Update for Volunteers
  Web Grades Parent Portal
  Web Safety Parent Letter
  >> Library
  Culture Grams
  Library Catalog (OPAC)
  Power Library
  World Book
  >> Health Room
  2018 Free Immunization Sites
  Apple Crunch Day 2017
  Healthy Children Learn Better
  Keeping Kids Safe, March 20
  Sealant Saturday, February 24

Kissel Hill Elementary
  Attendance Manual
  Birthday Treat Order Form
  Children's Health Insurance Program
  Communicating with School Staff (Learning Difficulty)
  Dr. Berardi's Community Vodcasts
  Dr. Berardi's Welcome Back Letter (2017 - 2018)
  Educational Trip Request
  Excused Absence Categories (From Handbook)
  EZ Pay (Lunch System)
  Grading and Assessment
  Homework Guidelines
  Kissel Hill Twitter Feed
  Parent & Student Handbook (2017 - 2018)
  Parents make the difference! Newsletter – Feb-2018
  PTO Website
  Reading Night Presentation 2017
  Religious Release (2017 - 2018)
  Resilience Resources - Parents
  RtII Brochure
  Safety at WSD
  SAP (Student Assistance Program)
  Title I Information @ KHE
  Volunteer Information for Parents (To Be Updated Soon)
  >> Library
  Power Library
  World Book
  >> Health Room

Lititz Elementary
  Attendance Manual 2017-2018
  Career Success Sessions
  Communicating with School Staff
  Educational Trip Request Form
  Fenway Comes to LE Video
  Grading and Assessment Guideline, Parent Information
  Homework Guidelines, Warwick
  Internet Privacy Tips
  Internet Smart Searching Tips
  LE Traffic Information and Patrol Crossing locations
  Lititz Elementary Does Not Bully!
  Lititz Elementary PTO Information Website
  Lititz Elementary Title 1 Plan
  Lititz Elementary Twitter
  Parent Portal Information
  Parent Resources
  Parent Student Handbook
  Parents make the difference! Newsletter – Feb-2018
  Pennsylvania Child Health Insurance Program
  Religious Release 2017-2018
  Resilience Resource- For Parents and Community Members
  RtII Brochure
  Student Assistance Program
  Title 1 Parent Right to Know letter
  Title I Parent Resource Center
  Tour of Lititz Elem. by Mrs. Meckley's fourth grade students
  Volunteer Information for Parents
  Walking To/From School Safety Tips
  Warwick School District Title 1 Involvement Plan
  Writing Rubrics for Parents
  >> Library
  Power Library
  >> Health Room
  Health requirements

Warwick Athletics
  * 2017-2018 Sports Schedules
  * Schedule Changes!
  * Warwick Athletic Twitter Feed
  2015-16 Athletic Opportunities Disclosure Form
  2017-18 Ticket Prices
  Coaches and Parents Communication Plan
  COACHES' Concussion Course
  COACHES' Sudden Cardiac Arrest Course
  Field Locations
  Rules of PIAA Eligibility
  Sports Forms and Information
  Warwick Academic Eligibility Rules

Warwick High School
  2017-2018 Curriculum Guide
  2018 Senior Newsletter
  2018-2019 Curriculum Guide
  Attendance Manual Updated Aug 2017
  Attendance Secretary Contact
  Bell Schedules
  Children's Health Ins Program (CHIP)
  Clubs and Activities Times
  Course Selection Instructions for Students and Parents
  CTC Busing Information
  Educational Trip Request Form (.pdf)
  Is your child having difficulty in school?
  Keystone Exams FAQ for Parents
  Morning Announcement Page
  Parent Newsletters
  Parent Portal Directions
  Parking Permit Information
  Parking Registration Form
  Resilience Resource- For Parents
  Safety and Emergency Preparedness
  Senior Yearbook Ad Information
  Student Handbook 17-18
  Student Passwords
  Weather Delay Information
  WHS Honor Societies
  Working Permits
  Yearbook Purchasing information
  >> Art
  Foundations of Drawing
  Foundations of Printmaking
  Independent 2D/3D Studio
  The Art Department Overview
  >> Business Education
  Gold Collar Careers - What are they?
  >> Music
  Warwick Band
  >> Technology Education
  Incoming Freshman Courses
  PLTW Engineering
  >> Guidance
  "Counselor Assignments"
  *NAVIANCE for Teachers
  ACT, ASVAB, PSAT, SAT Testing Dates
  College Benefits for Military Dependants
  College Cost Calculator
  College Night 2017 Application Process
  Financial Aid 2017-2018
  Financial Aid Websites
  Free ACT/SAT Practice
  Guide to Maximizing GI Bill Benefits
  Junior Planning Meeting
  NCAA Eligibility - Apply through NAVIANCE
  Parent Portal Directions
  PSAT Scores Explained
  Remind - Communications tool
  SAT Prep Guide
  Scholarship Information
  Scholarship Link
  School Profile
  Senior Scholarships - December
  Senior Scholarships - February
  Senior Scholarships - January
  Senior Scholarships - November
  Senior Scholarships - October
  Senior Scholarships - September
  Student Scheduling Online Instructions
  Teen Dating Violence Prevention
  The Simple Dollar-College Scholarship Guide
  Transcript Release Form - Past Graduates
  Transcript Request Form - Current Students
  Tutoring Services
  >> Library
  Library Online Catalog
  Library Resource Page
  >> Health Room
  About Ms. Youndt
  Adaptive PE form
  Asthma Inhaler forms
  Diabetes Management Plan
  Epi-pen Info
  Free or Low Cost immunization info
  Health report card-how to
  Health Room Info
  Med Guidelines for WHS
  Medication consent
  New student health forms
  Parent Portal Directions
  Physical exam form
  Physical exam requirements
  SAP Brochure
  Student emergency card
  Updated immunization info
  Water bottle info

Warwick Middle School
  18-19 WHS Curriculum Guide
  2017-2018 Breakfast and Lunch Prices
  2017-2018 Student Handbook
  Attendance Manual 2017-2018
  Educational Trip Request Form
  Extra-Curricular Activities, Clubs, and Sports
  Family Newsletter Link
  Food Guidelines
  Is Your Child Having Difficulty in School: A Guide to Communicating With School Staff
  Morning Announcements
  Parent Portal
  Parent's Guide to Teen Depression
  Resilience Resources- Parents
  Store Rewards - Giant
  Store Rewards - SKH
  Tips & Tools for Helping Yourself or a Friend
  >> Guidance
  Extra Curricular Activities
  Middle School Success Tips
  Mix It Up Lunch
  SAP Brochure 2015-16
  SAP Consent/Refusal of Services
  SAP Cover Letter
  SAP Parent Consent Form 2 (PA Counseling Services)
  SAP Referral Form (.pdf)
  >> Library
  Library Blog
  >> Health Room
  District Nursing Forms
  Parent Portal Instructions
  SAP brochure
  Updated Immunization Information
  Water Bottle Policy

Warwick School Board
  About the Board
  Board Calendar and Agendas (.pdf)
  Board Meeting Agenda (.pdf)
  Board Minutes
  Committee Information
  Participation Guidelines
  Warwick School District
  2017-18 School Yr Calendar - 1 page (approved 1-17-17)
  2018-19 School Yr Calendar - 1 page (approved 1-23-18)
  Act 1 Information
  Adult Education Workshops
  Alert Now FAQ
  Attendance Area by Street
  Attendance Manual (updated June 2017)
  Children's Health Insurance
  District Newsletters
  District Strategic Plan
  Educational Trip Request Form (.pdf)
  How to Enroll in our District
  Right to Know Request Form
  Teaching Respect

  Address Change Form
  Attendance Area by Street 8/8/17
  Bus Stop Information Warwick Students 17/18
  Instruments on the Bus
  Non-Public Inclement Weather
  Non-Public Information 17/18
  Non-Public Transportation Request Form 17/18
  Transportation Request Form 17/18
  Transportation Request Form Procedure 17/18

Food and Nutrition Services
  Allergy List 2017-18'
  Applying for Meal Benefits
  Benefits of Breakfast
  Birthday Treats
  Borrowing Procedure
  Carbohydrate List 2017-18
  CTC Free and Reduced Application Directions
  Food and Nutrition Staff
  Lunch Menus
  Lunch Refund Form-Graduating/Withdrawn Students
  Payment Options
  School Meal Pricing 2017-18
  Summer Meals
  USDA Non-Discrimination Civil Rights Filing
  USDA Regulations

Student Services
  About Student Services
  Annual Public Notice
  Bullying/Cyberbullying Policy
  Early Intervention Services
  English as a Second Language (ESL) Services
  FERPA--Parent Notice
  Gifted Education (Chapter 16)
  Lancaster-Lebanon Right to Education LOCAL TASK FORCE
  Parent Resources for Special Education
  Parents make the Difference! Newsletter - Feb-2018
  School Based Counseling Services
  School Health Services
  Secondary Counselors and Learning Facilitators
  Secondary Transition Website
  Section 504 Plans (Chapter 15)
  Special Education Plan
  Student Assistance Program (SAP)

  Acceptable Use Policy
  Electronic Devices Policy
  Keystone Technology Innovators

Business Office
  Fund Raising Request Form -- Print Blank Form
  Insurance Claim Form
  Parent Insurance Letter
  Property Tax or Rent Rebate Info & FAQs
  PTO & Parent Groups - FAQs
  Tax Office

Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment
  2015-2016 HS Graduation Requirements
  2016-2017 District Assessment Calendar & Schedule
  2017 - 2018 District Assessment Calendar
  2017 - 2018 District Assessment Schedule
  Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Parent Guides
  Comprehensive Plan 7/2014-6/2017
  District Grading & Assessment Guidelines
  Home Education and Tutoring
  Keystone Exams
  Keystone Exams Parent/Student Overview
  PA Standards & Assessment Anchors
  Parent Right to Know
  Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE)
  School Performance 2016 - 2017
  Title I Parental Involvement Plan

Superintendent's Office
  2017 WSD Communications Plan
  2017-18 Communication Tools
  2017-18 School Yr Calendar - 1 page (approved 1-17-17)
  2018-19 School Yr Calendar - 1 page (approved 1-23-18)
  Comprehensive Plan Overview
  Kindergarten EXPO 17-18
  Monthly Enrollment Report
  Parent Right to Know
  Warwick School District Comprehensive Plan
  Warwick Word 2017 Grad Edition
  Warwick Word Nov. 2016
  Warwick Word, Aug. 2017
  Warwick Word, March 2017

Wellness-Safety Info
  Be Part of the Warwick Team - Race Against Racism
  Bullying Prevention Strategies for Parents
  Guidelines for Use of Food in Schools
  Resilience Information
  Wellness Committee Meeting Minutes 012218
  WSD Safety & Emergency Preparedness
  WSD Student Wellness Goals
  WSD Student Wellness Overview