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Instrumental Music Overview

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      A. Each student is assigned a free lesson time during the school day.
      B. Students are expected to attend all music lessons (excused for PSSA, CDT, Field Trips).
      C. Students need to bring the following items to each lesson:
            *instrument,  lesson book,  and  pencil
            *other necessary items (rosin, shoulder sponge, reeds, oil, mouthpieces, sticks, etc.)

II. Practice:

       A. Students will have the most success by practicing at least five days per week.

      B. Students are expected (with parental assistance) to develop and to maintain a regular schedule of individual practice.

III.  Practice/Assignment Record: 

      A. This practice record may include the following:
           *Student's next lesson assignment
           *Teacher's comments and evaluation of the lesson
           *Chart for student to record practice time for the week

      B. The parent confirms the practice record each week.

           *Confirms practice time and comments on practice record 

IV.  Communication - Email & Teachers' websites.