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Mrs. Rubin
2nd Grade

Rules and Expectations

In addition to the school-wide rules of:
1.  Be Responsible
2.  Be Respectful
3.  Be Ready
and never bully!

We have come to an agreement of our own classroom rules.  They are as follows:

1.  Work Hard
2.  Be Kind

When rules are not followed, consequences will occur.  We utilize a clip chart in the classroom and students can move down OR up!  After the first warning, consequences will fit the individual student and what was "broken."  Examples of consequences could be:  missing recess time, missing out on a special activity in the classroom, moving to a different area of the room, writing a letter, etc.  Students will always be reminded of the desired behavior.

If I have any concerns over your child's behavior, please know that I will contact you.  Also, if you would have any concerns over your child's behaviors, you can always contact me!