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The student support team at John Beck focuses on helping children learn to be the best student and person possible. This goal is accomplished through school counselor lessons in classrooms, consultation with teachers and families, and individual and small group support.

* CURRICULUM- lessons are presented to specific grade levels on various topics such as:  making and keeping friends, behavior and emotion management, personal safety, problem solving, respect and responsibility, bully prevention, career awareness, and decision making.
* INDIVIDUAL AND SMALL GROUP SUPPORT- students may visit with the school counselor individually or in a small group. Students, teachers, or families may request that a child meet with the counselor. Individually students may work on any number of problem situations (emotion management, friendship, problem solving, self-esteem, academics). Small groups include topics such as friendship, emotion management, loss, respect and responsibility, and other topics as the need arises.
* ASSESSMENT-students may be evaluated as a result of the Student Support Process or at parent request in order to gather information on how best to meet the child's educational needs.
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