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What is Student Council?

Student Council is a group of caring students and advisors who meet to share ideas and needs of our school.  The group is made up of students from  5th and 6th grade homerooms who want to make a difference in our school community.  

Just as our state has senators and representatives representing all the citizens; our school student council will serve to represent the students at John Beck.

If you are interested in being a student council member you will have the opportunity to complete an application in October.  Interested students who complete and return applications and meet the criteria of a student council member will be notified in November of their involvement in the 2021-2022 Student Council.

What might a student council member do?

You will participate in student council meetings about twice a month.  

You will develop ideas, projects, and activities to do throughout the school year. Do you want to know more? (Check out the picture gallery of student council activities.)

You will learn about the democratic process and develop leadership skills.

Who would make a good student council member?

Someone who:
  • Likes to listen
  • Likes to share ideas
  • Can be on time and attend meetings
  • Is a responsible student
  • Has self-control
  • Has good decision making skills
  • Likes to help others
  • Has good attendance
  • Is willing to listen to others
  • Is cooperative
  • Has good manners
  • Is respectful and caring to all students
  • Follows the school-wide expectations of respect, responsibility, and readiness