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School Families

Expanding our Bucketfilling Culture Through

School Family Time

John Beck Elementary continues to emphasize building student and staff connections.  School family time, in its third year, divides all 500 students into balanced cross grade level groups and enlists one staff member to be a school family facilitator. School families interact to get to know one another and engage in positive connections. The first meeting of the year is devoted to learning names, updating the school family tree, and completing an activity together.  School families will also take a group photo. It is an amazing forty minutes full of laughter and acts of care and kindness within our school community. Students will remain in their school family group until they move on to the Middle School. Each year, new family members are welcomed. School family events will take place six times throughout the school year. Thank you to our Character Building Committee who are committed to collaborating to plan and improve this schoolwide relationship building opportunity.  https://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v9/fed/2/16/2764.png