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Classroom Rules & Requirements

U.S. History

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                   Classroom Rules and Requirements


General Classroom Expectations:


1.   Cooperation, respect and a personal best are always expected.

2.   Arrive to class on time.

3.   Be in your seat when the bell rings.

4.   Stay in your seat until you are dismissed.

5.    Bring required materials to class every day… failure to do so may result in a loss of Extra Credit points…

a.    3-ringed binder with lined paper

b.    Pen or Pencil

c.    Assignments when they are due

d.    Only bring Textbooks when to class when instructed to do so (textbooks must be covered) pds 1,3, 4 & 5 only)


6.   Turn in assignments on the due date they are given.

7.   Raise your hand to Participate.

8.   Try to maintain a Positive Attitude.


Specific Classroom rules:


1.   1 unexcused tardy per quarter… 2 or more unexcused tardies will result in a detention

2.   No food, drinks or gum in class

3.   No texting in the classroom

4.   Do YOUR OWN work, unless it’s a group work situation

5.    Plagiarism on written work will automatically result in a zero

6.   Keep your desk and floor clean… please pick up all small pieces of paper around your desk before you are dismissed

7.   Ask permission to sign out

8.   Never touch my computer or items on my desk without permission

9.   Actively Participate!!!:)


Assignment Procedures:


1.   Assignments are due at the BEGINNING of class on the due date given.

2.    Written work must be complete and legible.

3.   “MANY” assignments will be graded, but not necessarily all of them.

4.   Late assignments will be accepted for “partial credit”.  Late work must be submitted within 2 weeks of the original due date.

5.    Incomplete assignments will be marked as “Inc” = zero.


Make-up Work:


1.   You will be allowed the same number of days that you were absent to make up your work. Example: absent 2 days… you will have 2 days to make up the work

2.   See me in the morning (7:35 to 8:00) regarding material you missed in class or immediately after school (3:05).

3.   Find a reliable friend to help with missed notes.

4.   Arrange a time with me to make up missed quizzes or tests.

5.   All missed graded material will “temporarily” be scored with an “ab” = Zero … your grade will then change when you make up the work.


Grading Policy:


The following areas will be considered as part of your grade:

·     Chapter Tests

·     Quizzes

·     Homework

·     Classroom Work

·     Projects

·     Participation


Your grade will be based on the number of total points earned for the quarter… Example: A student earns 284 points out of total 300… 284 divided by 300 = 94.6 .. rounded to 95% = A


* Periodically check your grades online… they will be posted and uploaded at least once every week.

Midterm and Final Exam:


A Midterm and Final Exam will be given… eachexam will account for 10% of your overall grade


Extra Credit:


-      Extra credit may be offered from time to time


Outside Reading:

You are expected to stay current on World, National, and Local news so that you are prepared to discuss current events in class.


Areas of Study:




3   Weeks                 Unit 1 - Expansionism / S-A War

4   Weeks                 Unit 2 – WWI

3   Weeks                 Unit 3 – 1920’s Culture

3   Weeks                 Unit 4 –1930’s Great Depression

MIDTERM EXAM (Units 1-4 material)

5   Weeks                 Unit 5 – WWII

5   Weeks                 Unit 6 – Korean War / Cold War

4   Weeks                 Unit 7 – Vietnam War

3   Weeks                 Unit 8 – 1960’s Culture

3   Weeks                 Unit 9 – Civil Rights Movement

4   Weeks                 Unit 10 – End of the Cold War to Present


FINAL EXAM – (Units 5-10 material)



Textbook America: Pathways to the Present – Prentice Hall, Inc. (All textbooks must be covered by due date)