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About Mr. Lind & Physics Instruction

Mr. Lind started teaching physics in 1996 in Hampton, Virginia after 6 years as a Naval Officer specializing in nuclear power & propulsion.  After several years of nuclear and officer training, he served on board the aircraft carrier USS George Washington.  During this time the new reactors were brought to criticality, the ship was commissioned and taken through its sea trails.  Mr. Lind entered the Navy after graduating from the University of Delaware with a degree in civil engineering in 1989.  Post Navy, he completed a second degree in teacher education at Christopher Newport University in Newport News, Virginia in 1996.  In 2000 he successfully completed the rigorous National Board Certification in Science Teaching with a concentration in physics.


Mr. Lind has been at Warwick High School since 2001.  A first master’s degree was completed in Education in 2010 and a second master’s degree in Applied Engineering was completed in 2019.  Subsequent to this degree, Mr. Lind was asked to teach engineering part-time at Millersville University where he is currently an adjunct professor.


The style of pedagogy used in the physics classroom at Warwick High School is called Modeling. Mr. Lind completed a certification course in Modeling Instruction in 2011 at Lebanon Valley College.  In this approach,  students act as scientists in discovering the laws of physics with minimal lecture but plenty of teacher guidance. Modeling is often called guided scientific inquiry.  Students who take physics at WHS should be prepared for a high level of collaboration and very active engagement. Modeling is now taught by thousands of physics teachers across the country at both the high school and college setting.